Sunday, March 30, 2014

Instagram week!

There is nothing better than a bowl of PHO to pick me up after a night out.

Happy birthday to my friend Ben.

Proud of this girl she is ready to go on a cruise with other students.

sliders without the bun, instead I used lettuce and portabello.

homemade crabcakes on a bed of spinach.

New Handmade Jewelry: leather and tribal beads

This morning I got to spent some time at a bead show not far from where I live, I got to stock up on chains and pick some awesome tribal beads.
I decided to work right away when I got home, here are some of the new jewelry I have made today. I hope your Sunday is as Sunny as mine.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What's cooking? Fishy !

There are days that I crave foods from where I come from , the island.  I love fish, but here if I want to catch my own I have to drive 5 to 6 hours. Yesterday while shopping for greens for my daily juice  I decided to buy fish at Whole Foods. I had to buy chicken also cause one of my children has a fish allergy.

I marinated the Tilapia  with lemon and pepper and added a organic citrus seasoning I found at Whole Foods as well. 
I made a creole sauce a la mom. (a combination of onions, tomatoes, garlic, peppers and a certain secret ingredient)
Sauteed fresh asparagus and broccoli, oven roasted sweet potatos and that was yesterday's dinner!
The difference about this creole sauce is that I added fresh dill to it.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Orchid and water.

Friday oh how I love thee, let's hope we get to sleep in and do nothing at all. Orchid is my favorite flower, I got these for Valentine from el marido. I can't wait to go to the orchid exhibt and take pictures.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New handmade Jewelry by Farrielledesign

We had one of the coldest winter this year. During one of the snowstorms that paralyzed Atlanta for a couple of days I was stuck at home for way too long. I decided to create new things. I was inspired by the beach yes  I wanted to be home (Bonaire) badly.  And I had some Kazuri beads on  hand that came in handy.  You can find these in my etsy shop. Check it out here !

My favorite Lunch. Kale Salad.

I love Kale Salad when I am by myself I drive to Whole Foods just to get me some of the salad from the salad bar. Well I have found this Kale Salad mix at Costco that will last me 4 days.
I love combining it with sauteed corn and other things I have on hand.

My favorite is combining it with Rottisserie Chicken, cranberries, pinenuts and avocado. So this is my to go salad during week days.

Monday, March 10, 2014

I am trully in love with Cooking.

I love doing many things, one of them is cooking. Back in the days before I met my husband I used to hang out in  my mom and grandma's  kitchen. I never really got the opportunity to really cook but to only watch my mom I think it is because she didn't want us to waste food, I believe I really did pay attention. When I got married I guess somehow I picked up cause I had to cook something for us to eat they were very simple meals that I mix together or just manage to cook all because I followed a recipe I found somewhere.

I love cooking, I love it so much that I get inspired every where at any given time. Yes even at night  when I am bed. I think it is because of my family I really want them to have a good meal that is healthy but taste yummy and looks appealing. To me it's all about how I can add color by using certain vegetables so my plate looks awesome. If you could see me you will noticed that I take my time to plate my food cause I really want it too look good. I share my dinner and lunch pictures whenever I have new recipes on Facebook it is not to brag by any means but to inspire others that they too can cook as well. To me cooking is like this I have a blank canvas in my hand  and it is up to me how I am going to transform that canvas into something ridiculously beautiful.  All I want is to share good food with my family, friends and  even strangers.  

People have asked many times why not write a cookbook.. my answer is one day. My wish is to take a couple of cooking classes and to top it all I would love to spent one week in Italy cooking with the locals. And then I can start thinking about the Cookbook.